Twinkles from Heaven

Twinkles from Heaven


Be intrigued, uplifted and entertained as you read Twinkles from Heaven - The Mystical in the Mundane.

This metaphysical memoir of spiritual adventures will inspire you look deeper at your own life. TRUE STORIES! This true story collection is about seeing spirit signs, manifesting with the Law of Attraction, modern day miracles, mediums and their readings, channeling, and visions, psychic predictions, serendipity, synchronicity, divine interventions, evolving spiritually, metaphysical experiences, mysticism, Oneness, spirit contact, unhealthy work environments, love's lessons, empathy, reincarnation, spirit guides, prophetic dreams, acute sensitivity to the environment, intuition, vibration, healing, animal spirits and communication, sharing feelings, female friendships, seeking deeper truths in the ordinary life experiences we all go through.

This is the second in a series of actual spiritual adventures that started with Sprinkles from Heaven - Stories of Serendipity, on Amazon. The author recommends reading Sprinkles from Heaven - Stories of Serendipity first to get acquainted and then you will more thoroughly enjoy this book of true metaphysical stories. 

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