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Metaphysical/Spirit Individual Coaching

“Thank you so much, Carolyn.  I so much enjoyed our meeting yesterday.  You are a true treasure and feel blessed to have met you.  I do want to keep in touch.  I felt a sense of calm all day yesterday and did get a fair amount of sleep last night!!!!  Thank you so much for putting me on the right path.   - Pam M. June, 2019

Learn to attract more of what you want in your life by raising your spiritual vibration in a personal session. Learn how to identify signs from loved ones in spirit, miracles, and divine interventions.

You may be feeling stuck, stagnant, struggling in your job or relationships, buried in clutter, feeling lonely, sad, or deeply frustrated from not getting what you want.

Life can be magical again. Take the time to align with your Spiritual Divinity, your true self. I will help you.

Through a private individual session, I encourage you to trust your intuition, those subtle nudges, and watch for signs from spirit that help guide you to your best, most joyful dreams, with inspired actions to take right now.

You will leave with a personalized plan of simple actions to take you forward into your best future, feeling positive and empowered to manifest your miracles! In person sessions in Minneapolis, MN and by phone at 505-377-2914.

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Personal consulting appointments in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Classes, Presentations, Workshops, Lectures, and individual empowerment sessions to boost your spiritual power in the world.

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I see you in your Soul

In our one-on-one hour session, you will receive:

- Supportive listening to help you identify and release your blocks and obstacles. Learn to let go and surrender, to trust the Loving Universe to give to you.

- The ability to transcend negative energy by learning how to raise your vibration to a more positive vibration.

- Encouragement to trust your intuition, re-align with your inner knowing, and increase your awareness of spiritual signs all around you. You will become more receptive to guidance and intuition that you can follow.

As a trained psychotherapist, formerly licensed social worker, (LSW) and former alcohol & drug counselor, I've worked with thousands of diverse clients. I help you overcome limited thinking, empower yourself and to believe in your dreams. >> Learn more about me


How it works: Schedule a date/time by clicking above. You will receive a phone call at your desired time. If you find you are in need of ongoing support, we can also discuss follow-up options.

*Any questions? Feel free to get in touch!