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About the Author:

Carolyn Jaynes will support, uplift, and empower you with validating classes, books, and consulting services.

You will learn to trust your intuition, manifest more of what you want, become aware of signs from loved ones in spirit, and use practical “power tools” to raise your spiritual vibration to bring more good into your life.

Carolyn Jaynes, M.A. is a 5-Star Amazon Author of inspiring book of her true spiritual adventure stories: Sprinkles from Heaven – Stories of Serendipity (2014) and Twinkles from Heaven – The Mystical in the Mundane (2017).

Ms. Jaynes is also the only local contributor to Chicken Soup for The Soul - Angels All Around (2019) with her amazing story, The Invisible Life Saver.

Carolyn earned her master of arts degree in Counseling Psychology at National University in California, trained as a psychotherapist, and worked as a Support Group Facilitator, Licensed Social Worker, and Certified Alcohol & Drug Educator. She loves teachng to empower you.