Sprinkles from Heaven Stories of Serendipity (2014)

Sprinkles from Heaven Stories of Serendipity (2014)


Signs, miracles, and the stars align as a Minnesota intuitive manifests her dreams to sing in San Diego. True story collection to uplift, entertain, and inspire you to look for your signs from Spirit!

This fascinating collection of intriguing spiritual adventures and metaphysical experiences will entice you to read all the short stories in one sitting. Emotionally rich, moving, witty, fun, and entertaining. This inspirational non-fiction book brings readers into a sacred circle of personal awakenings from the journal of an intuitive Empath. It reveals raw spiritual and emotional experiences most people won’t talk about. You will be intrigued by the strong yet vulnerable voice of a feminist's off-the-wall, engaging themes.

Topics: Signs of life after death visits from loved ones, precognitive dreams, and seeing auras for the first time, serendipity, synchronicity, and a past life regression will interest readers who seek deeper meanings. Prayers answered, manifesting, and signs from angels, reincarnation, telekinesis, miracles, asking for help or guidance and getting it, and personal recovery triumphs will inspire more faith no matter what your religion or beliefs are.

Carolyn Jaynes is a mighty manifester who will inspire you to follow your bliss with passion and faith. Sprinkles encourages you to expand your belief in what is possible for you. This book brings forth the signs we receive from a loving, interactive universe. Once you read it, you will start seeing more signs everywhere.

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