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      The Mystical in the Mundane

     Uplifting true stories of spiritual adventures.

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You will be inspired to look deeper at your life as Carolyn Jaynes reveals what most people are reluctant to talk about, their spiritual adventures.

A collection of true short stories in a large font to make it easy to read one story at a time. (2018)

               SPRINKLES FROM HEAVEN      
                         Stories of Serendipity

Sprinkles from Heaven is an inspired metaphysical true story collection that increases your faith, raises your awareness of spiritual signs, and validates your experiences. Published in 2014.

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           The Silver Earring                      The U.P.S. Guy

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Stories of Serendipity 

Review by Reverend Christian Sorensen, Ph.D. Seaside Center for Spiritual Living:

"You’ll be inspired to pay more attention to your own personalized heaven-sent messages, expanding your awareness and enriching your life.  Enjoy! Sprinkles from Heaven will have you feeling as if you are roller skating with Carolyn Jaynes through her life as her revelations become your practical invitation to see life differently.

They are fun, well written, engaging and inspiring. You’ll be spontaneously opened to your ‘sprinkles from heaven’ through Carolyn’s many inspiring experiences from signs from hummingbirds to Grandpa, who’s no longer in this world, tapping late night Morse Code messages on her bed’s headboard."

Like a Wonderful Ice Cream Sundae! Kypris Aster Drake, M.S: "This book is just so sweet! Filled with stories of real-life miracles from the author's life, it is full of hope and wisdom. With great wit and authenticity, Carolyn Jaynes tells it like it is, and helps all of us to appreciate the everyday miracles in our life. Every time I pick this book up I am left feeling happier, more joyful, and hopeful."

Minnesota Educator, Cheryl: "Sprinkles from Heaven" will provoke your thinking about signs from God, everyday miracles, angels, and communication from the deceased, past life experiences, and much more. Carolyn Jaynes is honest about her personal life experiences that will keep you turning the pages. Enjoy!"

Heart-warming personal experiences by R. Wallace, M.A. "In her straight-from-the heart book, “Sprinkles from Heaven,” Carolyn Jaynes has included her charming poetry and the down-to-earth evidence in her life that supports her unwavering belief that if you ask and pay attention, you will receive amazing results that come in dramatic or subtle ways. It inspires you to listen more and appreciate what life has to offer. Sometimes you learn things you didn’t know that you didn’t know." 

"If you are looking for personal, heartfelt and honest inspiration, I strongly recommend you read Sprinkles from Heaven. In her book, Carolyn Jaynes, M.A., shares her "Stories of Serendipity," (those coincidental moments that let you KNOW you are on the right path) that allow her to open to and fulfill her inner most dreams and desires in her life. We all have dreams and desires and though some may be hidden deeply- we are meant to live them.

Reading "Sprinkles from Heaven" will truly inspire you to open to those moments that guide us gently (and sometimes not so gently:) on our path. You can find it on" Holley Kinnear, Spiritual Seeker, Seaside Center, Encinitas, CA.

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Poetic Lessons contains all the poems sprinkled in Sprinkles from Heaven, Twinkles from Heaven, and several more... 35 poems for your pleasure and emotional impact.

Carolyn Jaynes' stories and poems are also featured in
The Guilded Pen, an Anthology of The San Diego Writers / Editors Guild 2013, 2014, and 2105! Also Available on 

Twinkles from Heaven - The Mystical in the Mundane. Here is a story, Just a Donation read by the author, Carolyn Jaynes. All the inspirational stories are true.

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